Joy picking grapes during harvest

From NYC to Gradoli

In 2013 Joy left her fast-paced life in New York City and moved to Italy to learn the art of winemaking. After apprenticing for a year with another winery, she ventured out on her own and created La Villana.

La Villana started with just a few old vineyards and a tiny garage. The first vintage was enjoyed by Joy and Simone's wedding guests in 2016.

Today, La Villana farms nearly 5 ha of old and new vineyards and produces roughly 30,000 bottles per year.

Regenerative above all else.

As of 2021, we made the decision to no longer till or plough our soils. In doing so, our soils are slowly regenerating themselves without interruption. We broadcast seeds and cut the grass by hand. Our prunings are chipped and left to decompose on the soil floor.

In return, the healthy soils provide a magical home for the roots of our vines to thrive.

We see ourselves as custodians, entrusted with the responsibility to leave this soil in better condition for future generations.

100% grapes.

In our cellar, we adhere strongly to a philosophy of minimal intervention. We do not filter, fine, or use any additives whatsoever. Our wines are made from 100% grapes. This way we can ensure that our wines are a pure reflection of the vintage.