Reflecting on the 2023 Vintage: A Year of Challenges and Triumphs

Reflecting on the 2023 Vintage: A Year of Challenges and Triumphs

The 2023 vintage presented us with unique challenges, testing our resilience and pushing us beyond our usual routines. The growing season was marked by relentless rain, requiring an unprecedented sixteen rounds of spraying to protect our vines—a far cry from the usual six or seven.

Despite the adversity, our efforts paid off. Our vineyards weathered the storm, yielding some of the best harvests we've seen to date. Interestingly, while local farmers struggled with mildew, our own vineyards flourished, reducing our need to purchase grapes from external sources.

Our old vineyards, in particular, were happy with all of the rain after a couple years of serious drought, and produced exceptional Procanico grapes for our Bianco Puro. Additionally, the Poggio vineyard surprised us with a small yield of Ciliegiolo, which we blended with some old vine Sangiovese. 

The highlight of the season, however, was undoubtedly the success of our Vigna Lunga and Anfiteatro vineyards. Finally yielding enough grapes for our first estate wine, a blend of Procanico, Roscetto, and Malvasia, we're excited to share this natural expression of our terroir with you.

While the challenges of the 2023 vintage were significant, they ultimately led to a harvest that exceeded our expectations, reminding us of the resilience of both nature and our own dedication to our craft. A huge thank you to Simone for his excellent tractoring skills and an unwavering support during such an intense growing season. 

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